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Accessing wall mounted internet access for apartments

dave0judy Posts: 27 Contributor

Prior to this new Spectrum installation of wifi internet access, with my original router, using it's IP address I was able to view and change ID/Password access to the Router properties, the SSID and Password for internet access in addition to getting IP and MAC addresses for all of the clients devices within the network. However, on this new apartment wifi access, with only a box installed on a wall, can someone advise how to access the properties of this, to view/change the associated information??


  • Heather_T
    Heather_T Posts: 121 Contributor

    Hello @dave0judy.

    Community Managed WiFi services generally doesn't allow for individual access to the WiFi properties. The ID and Password information would be provided by the property directly. You can reach out to our Managed WiFi support team directly for assistance as well by calling 855-895-5302​​​​​​.

  • dave0judy
    dave0judy Posts: 27 Contributor

    What I am trying to do, since this wall mounted wifi does not offer an ethernet port for my non-wifi NAS drive, is be be able to connect a device that has an ethernet port to this Spectrum wifi source. The purpose of this NAS drive is to stream DLNA media files to my alexa devices and also the Roku Media Player. I have tried 2 different wifi extenders, but on one I can access the DLNA stream but not the internet (using the Extender's SSID, but only the internet, not the DLNA stream using the main wifi SSID. On the other, I can't even access anything,, but my Roku and Laptop devices using the extender's SSID, and only the internet using the main SSID. Supposedly, you have to enter the MAC addresses on a special website to have them on this network, which I have done, but it only allowed internet access on the one extender for a short period of time. I have accessed "real" routers via their IP, changing all kinds of settings, but not being able to access this wall wifi access, stops you totally. Anyway, lastly every time I connect to one of the extender or main SSID's, my firewall provides a message that the password is weak, and to allow a VPN. Spectrum totally failed on this, not allowing a password update or at least ethernet ports.

  • Tyleen_Z
    Tyleen_Z Posts: 644 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    Hello, as the internet access is available to everyone you do not have direct access to the router physically or to the router settings.

    You would need to speak with your apartment complex to see if they offer the option to have your own internet line for your apartment.


  • dave0judy
    dave0judy Posts: 27 Contributor

    Since this community spectrum is wifi only, is there a way to connect my ethernet only NAS drive to this network? I want to stream DLNA from my NAS Drive, via wifi to my Roku devices.

  • Steph_S
    Steph_S Posts: 515 Spectrum Employee

    You can try it and see if it works for you.

  • dave0judy
    dave0judy Posts: 27 Contributor

    I asked HOW I can connect a non-wifi NAS drive to this wifi only community access, and you said to try it and see if it works??? Try WHAT??

  • Randy_S
    Randy_S Posts: 514 Spectrum Employee
    edited January 2022

    Good afternoon, @dave0judy As Heather mentioned earlier, you would have to talk to your community/property manager to see if that would be allowed. Normally the simple answer is no, not usually. I am of the school it never hurts to ask so you definitely can talk with the community manager to see if they would even allow you to connect with a device like that. If my assumption is on point, Stephanie was correct in suggesting trying to connect via wifi with the credentials you would for any other device (if it is capable of doing that) but direct Ethernet access to the community equipment is rarely available. in four years I don't remember ever seeing that kind of access given but if it were, that decisions would be up to the property manager or HOA, whoever owns the community account.

    If anyone else has other suggestions, go for it. Thank you for posting this topic @dave0judy.


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