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How to request Grit Channel?

DennisV Posts: 5 Participant

Lost orlando grit channel ,spectrum channel 480 now THISTV. Per FCC viewing area channels, WOPX Melborne, Fl sub channel 4 is Grittv. Spectrum only carries sub channel 1, ION TV.. Request sub ch 4 for Spectrum Orlando VIEWING AREA..



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  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,311 Contributor
    Answer ✓

    Hello @DennisV

    Welcome to the Community! Spectrum can only provide the channel by getting permission from the station owners. Spectrum has no control over the programing content,

    Your digital sub-channel WOPX in Melbourne, Florida is owned by Ion Television. To get Grit TV back, you and all interested parties have to contract Ion TV. Here:

    Ion's Twitter page is here:

    Give your information above to them. Ion needs to see an interest in re-adding Grit TV. If that interest is felt strongly, they will contact Spectrum to work out an agreement to get Grit TV back on the lineup.


  • Anthony_V
    Anthony_V Posts: 76 Spectrum Employee
    Answer ✓


    Checking further I see that Grit TV may now be channel 17 in your area if you can see if you are able to access that channel when possible please.

    • Anthony


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