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Printer IP address

K3HCHS Posts: 7 Spectator


Re-posting because it is still not working,

Yesterday a tech installed a new Spectrum Router SAX1V1K. and now my Epson 545 Printer is not working on the wifi network. I noticed that in the spectrum app, all of my connected devices have a unique IP address, Hostname and MAC address. For instance, my TV has the following:

IP Address 192.168.1.xx

Hostname: RokuTV

MAC: (edited)

For some reason, my Epson printer is seen as "Connected" on the app, but it doesn't have an IP address or a Hostname assigned. Only the MAC address is there. So this is an issue and I can't figure out why this is happening. The mac address is correct.

My printer shows the following:

IP address: (Blank)

Hostname: Unknown

MAC: (edited)

Why would my router assign IP addresses to my 8 other devices, but not this epson printer?

Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

  • Anthony_V
    Anthony_V Posts: 76 Spectrum Employee
    Answer ✓


    I was able to locate your account using the email address you had signed up with. Currently it doesn't show the printer connected says last connected early this morning this may be why currently there is no IP address assigned to that device.

    • Anthony


  • K3HCHS
    K3HCHS Posts: 7 Spectator


    I will reconnect the device. this morning. I have been using another printer since that one was not working. Give me 30 min and I will have it online again. Thank you

  • K3HCHS
    K3HCHS Posts: 7 Spectator

    Ok the printer is now online.

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