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Caller ID Issues

thehook77 Posts: 1 Newcomer

My Caller ID recently started showing up as Private 0 whenever I call family and I was wondering if there was any way to fix that? I was wondering if recent updates might have accidentally changed something or if something else could be wrong.

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  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,355 Contributor
    edited January 2022 Answer ✓


    It does the same thing on ours with only a couple of numbers. We have our phone right next to the TV , and the Caller ID on the headset, with assigned names added shows up normally. If you assign a specific name to a frequently called name to a number on your phone, it over-rides whatever the company Caller ID shows (On your Caller ID phone headset.).

    The issue with Caller ID on TV with select numbers seems to be a problem with that call parties' phone carrier and Spectrum's Voice Landline Directory.. In our case, one family member comes up "Private" when calling from their house phone to our number, all the time for about the past three weeks. The other person comes up "Private" less times when calling from a cell phone. Only these two people's numbers are affected. This doesn't bother us because we have our phone headset right next to the TV.

    However, if others want to report this, they should call Spectrum as it relates to this specific issue for their Voice (Landline) service. You will want to mention the following:

    1.) The Caller's name that should be appearing on Caller ID on TV instead of Private

    2.) The Caller's number that should also be appearing instead of Private.



  • Jim_R
    Jim_R Posts: 5 Participant

    Satch wrote:

    "The issue with Caller ID on TV with select numbers seems to be a problem with that call parties' phone carrier and Spectrum's Voice Landline Directory."

    The numbers that appear as Private in my call log, are numbers from persons using Spectrum Voice as their phone service. The numbers of persons not using Spectrum as a carrier are displayed correctly in the call log.

    So if the problem seems to be with the calling party's phone carrier, then Spectrum Voice is exhibiting the same problem as well.

    I've already reported this issue to Spectrum.

    Spectrum's response was that they know about it. There was no indication from the representative that Spectrum was working on fixing the problem.


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,355 Contributor

    Greetings @Jim_R ,

    If Spectrum knows about it, they are working on a fix. The thing is, and this was true with the old Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks systems as well, that Caller ID on TV is considered a system bonus.

    Caller ID on TV is not the highest priority for fixing because of it being a bonus service. Cable TV, Voice, Internet, and Mobile, being able to talk, transmit and see the data are the most important.

    However, the issue is being addressed and should work itself out with time. We had a neighbor whose cell number was showing a city, state in the name field instead of her name on Spectrum Caller ID. about one to two months later, her name was showing correctly. This fix will be applied over time. Thanks for posting that Spectrum knows about this!


  • Jim_R
    Jim_R Posts: 5 Participant
    edited February 2022


    I think that my previous post could use some clarification. I'm not referring to Caller ID on TV, which Spectrum considers a system bonus. I don't use that feature, since I find it to be an annoying distraction.

    My problem is that when someone with Spectrum Voice calls me, their Caller ID is not transmitted, even though that person doesn't have their outgoing Caller ID blocked.

    I verified this by bringing up the call log on my TV, using the Spectrum menu option for it. Those calls are listed as Private by Spectrum's system. I could tell which ones they were, based on the time.

    Calls from people using other carriers, display the correct Caller ID.

    Today, the same thing happened when a person called my cell phone, using Spectrum Voice. The Caller ID didn't appear.

    I don't use Spectrum Mobile as a wireless carrier. This suggests that Spectrum Voice is not always transmitting the Caller ID.

    The problem occurs randomly, but the unintentional blocking of Caller ID from Spectrum phone numbers presents a problem for me. I'm going to contact Spectrum with this additional information.

    There's a serious flaw with an important feature in Spectrum's phone service. That feature is part of normal telephone service from any carrier, and not a bonus from Spectrum.


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