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If Your Network Connection is Constantly Dropping on Wireless, Try this Solution!

Satch Posts: 5,358 Contributor

Solution for Fixing Loss of WiFi Internet Connection 

I had this issue when playing videos, this may help you: 

1.) On your PC, open up Device Manager.(Type Device Manager in search, click on result)

2.) Expand your Network Adapters, (your hopefully only have one or two on the list.)

3.) Right-Click on them and select Properties.

4.) Click on “Power Management Tab”

5.) Uncheck “Turn off this Device to Save Power.”

6.) Click OK

7.) Reboot your PC  

Still having Problems?  

1.) Type “Power Options” in Search and go to “Power Settings” result

2.) In “Power and Sleep” settings look for Advanced Power Settings result. Click on it.

3.) Go to “Wireless Adapter Settings” Click on it.

4.) Scroll down to “Power Save Mode” click on the + next to it and make sure it says “Maximum Performance” if not, change it to say that.

5.) Click OK to Save your changes and reboot your PC.

Here is a You Tube Video that illustrates this procedure:





  • Paul_B
    Paul_B Posts: 577 Spectrum Employee

    Thank you for this @Satch. This should help a lot of folks who might be running into connectivity issues.

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