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Why can I not Pause and rewind live TV with Spectrum TV the same as AT&T Direct TV?

Poco Posts: 1 Newcomer

I just switched from AT&T U-verse to Spectrum TV and found out that I lost some functionality that was never noted to me by Spectrum; primarily the function to Pause & rewind live TV, when using Apple TV or Roku streaming devices. I had a choice of switching either to AT&T Direct TV Stream or to Spectrum TV and selected Spectrum as a superior product. Now I find out that there are basic viewing functionalities that Spectrum cannot offer that are offered by AT&T Direct TV. Why can't Spectrum provide this functionality, the same as their competitor?


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,331 Contributor

    Hi @Poco

    Welcome to our Community!

    Spectrum TV provides an Internet Streaming Service of the channels that are in your subscription package. It is Internet-based, allowing customers to watch TV across devices. Like the site here:

    However, since Spectrum TV is not a DVR service, you would need to subscribe to Spectrum DVR service and get a Spectrum DVR box to have full DVR functionality.

    You can also subscribe to Spectrum Cloud DVR service, which is Internet-based, and not CATV/DVR box-based. But with Cloud DVR, you won't have the full DVR experience that you would have with a Spectrum DVR box. (There are some limitations with Spectrum Cloud DVR service)

    I have added a photo showing the general differences between a cable box DVR and a cloud DVR.


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