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Does Spectrum Cable Box Work With LG Magic Remote

ellfeld Posts: 15 Participant


My LG 48" OLED CX1 (2020) remote works with my Spectrum non DVR set top box including voice control.

My main TV, a SONY, is connected to a world box 200 and its remote does not work with the Spectrum DVR box.

Will a LG magic remote work with a Spectrum world box DVR set top box (aka receiver) and tune cable channels and allow voice control. (My LG TV is too heavy and on another floor for me to actually try out. So I was hoping someone in the community would know.) I know SAMSUNG does not work with Spectrum boxes.


  • Randy_S
    Randy_S Posts: 514 Spectrum Employee

    Good morning, @ellfield!

    Since that is a third party remote we don't have specific instructions for how to pair that remote with the worldbox. We do have a remote control support page but it is for the ones we use/provide. It might be information. I also did a google search that turned up some interesting articles (and one video that looks like it may help). Another option would be to call LG support. The contact info I have for them is 800-243-0000. And of course if anyone in the community has some insight, please share!


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,356 Contributor

    Greetings @ellfeld,

    If you can find a remote to pair with World Box, go for it and use that. But if you get frustrated, I would always recommend having an athorized Spectrum remote on standby. Both the remote that comes with World Boxes and the Clickr Backlight are authorized by Spectrum and I would recommend using them.


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