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Affordable Connectivity Program benefits?

Ghatanothoa13 Posts: 2 Newcomer

The Affordable Connectivity Program (, part of NY Gov. Kathy Hochul's ConnectALL Initiative, offers "Up to $30/month discount on internet service" for eligible households. If one enrolled in the ACP through Spectrum, would there be any benefit over using Spectrum's Everyday Low Price (ELP) plan with one's own router and thus paying $19.99/month? I presume the discount would be greater than or equal to $0 and less than $19.99, as I somehow can't see Spectrum offering free service.

Oh, and would one then be unable to use one's own router? Some of the ACP documentation I've seen suggests this might be the case.

Alas, these are questions ACP support seems unable to answer.


  • Renee_T
    Renee_T Posts: 691 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    Hello @Ghatanothoa13

    You have some great questions! The ELP internet is a legacy plan that we no longer offer. Customers who have ELP internet are able to keep it, but it would not be eligible for the ACP credit since that credit does require you to have a current Spectrum Internet plan. We do have a comparable plan that is offered in some areas called Internet Assist, that would be covered with the ACP credit. It does have some income requirements and isn't available in all markets, but if you call in to 855-707-7328 our agents can check to see if it is offered in your area and if you qualify for it. With the Internet Assist package, the ACP credit would cover the cost of the service as it is less than the $30 that the credit would provide. With any of our packages, you would have the option to use your own modem and/or router if you'd like as well.

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