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Will added stand alone DVR allow me to pause and rewind live TV on Spectrum TV App?

bheup Posts: 5 Spectator

Not being able to pause or rewind is very frustrating. I have tried to research everywhere on whether buying a stand-alone DVR (i.e TIVO) would allow me to pause and rewind live TV when watching on the Spectrum TV App?


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,328 Contributor

    Welcome to the Community @bheup!

    At this time, no, the Spectrum App will not allow pause and rewind functionality even if a DVR is added. This is one of the Spectrum App's most strongly requested features. The app is a work in progress. Customers are encouraged to provide feedback requesting DVR functionality for the Spectrum App. The more who request a feature, the more likely it is to be added in a future software update.


  • bheup
    bheup Posts: 5 Spectator

    Thank you! I will be checking back daily for this update. I have seen many other questions and comments about this issue of not being able to pause or rewind. I am glad that it is being addressed as I would assume if not you will lose a huge amount of subscribers.

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