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Spectrum TV App won't autorun when feature enabled on Samsung TV.

FQ2022 Posts: 3 Newcomer

Samsung TVs have an Autorun App feature to run the last app used first when TV is turned back on, however this feature does not work with the Spectrum App, is this app able to run this feature form the Samsung TV? Thanks.


  • Randy_S
    Randy_S Posts: 514 Spectrum Employee

    Hello @FQ2022 and welcome to the Spectrum Community!

    I have a Samsung Smart TV as well. Love it. On my TV when you go to the app selection menu it does show the last show you were watching when you move over to the app you want. Then if you arrow up on the show you last watched it does take you to that episode/show. I don't remember ever seeing the Spectrum app do that. Hulu doesn't either. I noticed Hulu's situation during my obsession with "Handmaid's Tale.". They just show static icons I guess they set. If I remember correctly the Spectrum App is similar.

    I will definitely test it when I get home but let me ask, when you go to the app menu, highlight the Spectrum TV App, do those icons show you the shows you last watched and take you to those shows? <-- that may be a redundant question but I am making sure I am on the same wavelength. Or, does it show static icons that don't change to coincide with the last show you watched?

    All that said, I don't remember turning on the tv and it just fire up the last episode or next episode of a show I watched. I am used to just going to the app menu, moving to the app I want and clicking the icon that appears above it.


  • FQ2022
    FQ2022 Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Hi Randy,

    What I'm trying to get is my Samsung TV to automatically run the Spectrum app when I turn the tv on, that being my main source of content I would like for that app to autorun as the tv gets turned on. Right now there is a setting on the tv to Autorun Smart Hub and Autorun Last App, I have both of those settings on, but the tv turns on automatically to the TV Plus app and then I have to select the Spectrum app from the home menu and load it that way. I'm just trying to simplify things. Once I'm in the Spectrum app, if I press the down button I can see my most recently watched channels, no issues there, I do appreciate that very much.

    Thanks for the insight.

  • FQ2022
    FQ2022 Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Hi, another thing that I saw on this forum is that Spectrum was working on the ability for the app to stay on your Favorite channel list once selected. Right now you have to go to your favorite channel list every time you load the app, the default is always All Channels. I'm eagerly awaiting that function too.


  • Randy_S
    Randy_S Posts: 514 Spectrum Employee

    Absolutely and thank you for responding. I did hear back from leadership on the app side of things and that feature isn't currently available for our app on the Samsung TV (as we pretty much figured out). I just wanted to confirm and also use that as an opportunity to pass along your feedback.

    And while we wait, enjoy the best tv ever. Well, at least I think so. I love mine :)


  • calibroker
    calibroker Posts: 11 Participant

    I will chime in on this particular issue the Last App Autorun Samsung Smart TV feature worked flawlessly for almost a year without issue. The timeframe was 2015 -2016 and this was when Time Warner was still running the day-to-day operation. The feature worked like a charm you would turn on your Samsung TVs and it would immediately start with the last active channel watched, you wouldn't even see the loading of the app. My TV was connected with a Cat6 LAN connection so the data stream was plentiful. Everything worked just like you would want it to without any issues delays or glitches we were very happy with the setup especially not having the need for a big cable box tethered or the associated monthly rental.

    Then the Spectrum / TimeWarner acquisition was completed mid to late 2016 an update was pushed shortly thereafter and the feature was removed. I called tech support about this, and I was told that it was a Samsung TV issue. After getting in contact with Samsung TV tech support. my set was remotely accessed and it was determined this was NOT a Samsung TV issue. I was then told to contact Spectrum which I did and after being bounced around from Tech to Tech it was confirmed that it was truly a Spectrum TV app issue.

    I was issued another trouble ticket # which I still have and informed that someone would call with a follow to provide a response, update, or resolution. No one called so I decided to call back and this time Tech support informed me that the last app autorun feature was intentionally disabled with the last update of the Spectrum TV App and no other info was provided. 

    Someone offline informed me that the feature was removed because it worked better than the cable rental box which is a monthly source of revenue for the company, unlike the free Spectrum app. Since I'm a legacy Time Warner customer I can personally say Time Warner was at least 18 months or more ahead of Spectrum when it came to rolling out and implementing new features and technology. I remember when Time Warner was offering 1GB internet speeds for various customers throughout Southern California and that came to a halt after the merger. Maybe they were so far advanced that they broke the bank and one of the reasons why they got bought out. We can only hope that improvements will be released by Spectrum sooner than later.

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