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Are Spectrum TV Package Names Changing? (Spectrum Select, Silver, and Gold)

Satch Posts: 5,226 Contributor

Over at DSL Reports, a customer has mentioned that the Gold and Silver Package are gone. When I log into my account from here:

It shows correctly my Spectrum Silver Channels. What is gone is the ability to extensively filter channels by package level, and the message, "If you subscribed to CATV service before 1/17/2017, "click here."" which used to take users to their old TWC/BHN lineup if you were not on a Spectrum billing plan.

What has changed, and what has not? How will current subscribers on either legacy TWC/BHN plans or Spectrum Select, Silver, and Gold plans be affected?


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  • karlbeckman
    karlbeckman Posts: 2,285 Contributor


    Hello again, it's been a long time!

    I sort of remember those legacy billing deals from the previous decade had a limited life, to expire after about 36 months., and I think the calendar has run out. I'm sure Spectrum is happier maintaining a single unified pricing and discount structure for old-timers (us) and newcomers alike.

  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,226 Contributor
    edited March 2022

    Hey Everyone,

    This is what I know so far about the new pricing plans. However, because this is so new, take the information with a grain of salt:

    Spectrum wants to provide its CATV subscribers with more Ala-Carte options to assist so that people don't have to pay for channels they don't watch. The legacy Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver, and Spectrum Gold plans will remain grandfathered for customers on those plans. Existing customers can call up and switch over to the new plans. New customers can only get the new plans.

    Spectrum's New TV Package Plans:

    The new package plans are like eating at a buffet. There are two parameters with these new plans:

    1.) Everyone who is a new customer or chooses a new plan gets Spectrum Select regardless of service level.

    2.) After that, you add the optional channel packages that suit your interest.


    Helpful Tips:

    1.) To get the closest to your old Spectrum Silver and Spectrum Gold plan if you had those before, you will need to add what is now called the "Entertainment View" package to Spectrum Select. This package provides customers with about a 90%-95% mixture of what was in Spectrum Silver and Spectrum Gold, and Spectrum Sports Pass. In other words, with the Entertainment Value Pack. (A very reasonable $12 a month) you get a taste of most of Spectrum Silver, some of Spectrum Gold, and some of Spectrum Sports pass.

    2.) All move channels are going to be Ala-Carte now for anyone on these new plans. I think the best value is pairing Spectrum Select, with Entertainment View and adding HBO Max. Note that HBO has now branded HBO Max with everything as a part of its marketing. And HBO Max has tons of programing from other companies. It is a great $15 a month value, because you get all of the HBO Channels plus HBO Max.

    3.) It appears that the local digital sub-channels that we had before on our old plan, (Decades, Antenna TV, Me TV, ) will still be there if you had them before. The reason why they are not a part of national lineups, is because their placement can vary by local community agreements, and the host channel has to provide Spectrum with the permission to carry those channels.

    4.) The new plans are not yet available to order electronically through the boxes, but will be once everything gets assimilated. to the new options.

    Any Downsides? Some channels that were a part of Spectrum Select don't seem to be available anymore with these new TV plans, such as TV Land and Freeform. Those might be dropped if you change. Also, I have not yet been able to do any savings calculations on the old Silver vs. Gold plans v.s. the new plans

    It sounds like Spectrum won't bundle discounts on the new plan for existing customers. You will still be able to Ala-Carte Spectrum Cable TV, Spectrum Internet, and Spectrum Voice. (Landline Phone.) Promotions might be on a case-by-case of different types for new customers.


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,226 Contributor
    edited March 2022

    Another question people are asking?

    They want to know what channels will be lost if they switch over from Spectrum Silver or Spectrum Gold to the new Spectrum Select plus Ala-Carte pricing? I don't have that information yet. But I can give a programing example.

    Spectrum made The Africa Channel available on all of it's now legacy Select, Silver, and Gold plans. It's very popular, and has been around for several years on other systems. Spectrum used to have it in the Gold plan. It has shows, series, movies, and dramas all about the continent. From nature shows to drama, to mysteries.

    But I don't see it in the main Entertainment View plan under the new options. Entertainment View is the big package that combines the older Silver, Gold, and Sports plans, So for those who made the change, and lets say you added Entertainment View, do you still have Africa Channel? What about TV Land?. The Channel Sampler when you search for Spectrum Channel Online only shows it in the Latino Package and not in Entertainment View?


  • James_M
    James_M Posts: 4,514 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    (Posting a second time for better conversation continuity)

    Satch –

    Thanks for the question! As you pointed out, our cable TV and streaming product offerings are being updated.  Our new Spectrum plans and pricing are designed to create a simpler experience for customers, and help them get the combination of services and content they want. We’re introducing these new plans throughout our entire 41-state service area by late spring 2022.

    If you like your current plan, you can keep it or you can choose one of the new plans, whichever better fits your needs. Our simpler, modular Spectrum TV plans make it easy for customers to upgrade and perform other self-service digitally, including through the Spectrum TV App, which is compatible with smartphones, tablets, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV and Chromecast platforms.

    A quick clarification from your post, Spectrum Select is just one of the options available as your core TV service. Other available plans include Mi Latino Plan, TV Essentials and TV Choice 15. As you indicated, Spectrum TV is now streamlined to give you more choice: first, choose from among five core TV options. Then, add any other services you want: premium channels, entertainment networks, sports, Spanish-language and international programming.

    At this time, I don’t have information regarding specific channels or channel comparisons between different packages (ie. “Entertainment View” vs “Spectrum Silver”). I will forward this suggestion and provide an update if more information becomes available. 

    Thanks again! 

  • newsjunkie
    newsjunkie Posts: 2 Spectator
    edited March 2022

    If you really wanted to give customers more choice, then there would be an option of a la carte OR at least the option of choosing a Gold everything plan with all the premiums etc. For some people that is and would be the better deal. Why does it have to be either/or?

    And to really be forward looking, such a bundle would also include access to other streaming services such as Peacock, DisneyPlus, Paramount Plus, Apple TV etc. Some people want to pick and choose everything, some people would prefer to pay one flat fee to access everything. That would be real choice and then one would really see how many people prefer what.

  • Tyleen_Z
    Tyleen_Z Posts: 647 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    Hello and thank you for your feedback. We can certainly forward up the feedback for you.

    As for access to the streaming apps that is up to the networks themselves. For example HBOMax is included with anyone who subscribes to HBO through us. But with Discovery+ you would need to subscribe to it separately even if you get Discovery through us. We do not get the say in what those third party channel apps decide to offer.


  • AntDude
    AntDude Posts: 148 Contributor

    We really need an online simple way to compare current TV plan and the new TV plans to see the differences like channels and prices. In the old system, we could see the differences between silver and gold. Unless I missed it.

  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,226 Contributor
    edited April 2022

    Hey @AntDude,

    Sup? I think that once the conversion option is avaliable for all of the Spectrum footprint, they will do a compariosn list of Select, Silver, and Gold vs. Select plus Ala-Carte package(s) add-ons of your choice. Not all divisions have the new packages yet, so Spectrum is probably going to provide the Ala-Carte pricing to everyone. Than, you will have something like "Did you have Spectrum CATV on or before March, 2022?" click here for your package plans. It's just like Spectrum did with the old TWC/BHN plans.

    The old Spectrum plans are staying in effect. The optional new plans, (mandated for new Spectrum CATV customers) are expected to go into effect for all markets around the beginning of Summer, 2022. (June or thereabouts.)

    Customers that are on legacy TWC/BHN billing packages are expected to be migrated to the new Spectrum plans by the end of 2022. Spectrum can't do a universal comparison list, because not everyone has the new package options yet. Legacy plan customers (TWC/BHN users on those packages) will get emails and post mails about the new Spectrum plans.


  • AntDude
    AntDude Posts: 148 Contributor
    edited April 2022

    Satch, my doesn't the old show silver and gold plans before 3/22/2022:

    "STARTER TV   $28.00

    ESSENTIAL TV (includes Starter TV and selection of 40+ cablenetworks)   $55.49

    STANDARD TV (includes Starter TV)   $73.99

    PREFERRED TV (includes Starter TV, Standard TV, Variety Pass)   $67.49

    VARIETY PASS   $10.00


    HD PASS   $8.00

    SPORTS PASS   $12.00

    MOVIE PASS   $12.00

    TV EN ESPAÑOL   $8.00

    TV EN ESPAÑOL MAS   $8.00

    FAMILY CHOICE   $12.99

    NUESTRA TELE BASICO (Includes Starter TV and TV Español)   $35.49

    EL PAQUETAZO   $45.49



  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,226 Contributor

    Sup Ant?

    Very interesting! That line up above is the legacy TWC/BHN choices. I am very surprised that those are still in your market and being promoted as such. Is this when you log into your account and put in your zip code at the site? Or is this a rate card that you got in the mail?

    Are you on Spectrum pricing now? or :Legacy TWC/BHN pricing? What's your current service level? If I remember, you have ODN for your guide, as do I.


  • AntDude
    AntDude Posts: 148 Contributor
    edited April 2022

    Satch: Currently, silver package. ODN, yes. Weird/Odd, I know. I typed in the exact address too from that link since I wanted to see the regular prices.

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