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How can I replace an outdated DVR?

roostrgroostrg Posts: 4 Spectator
edited December 2022 in Spectrum Archives: 2020 - Present Apr 02, 2022

I have a Motorola 350 DVR that can only record 2 programs at once. This is arcaic compared to other receivers I have owned e.g. DirecTv and ATTUverse. I understand Spectrum has newer models (i.e. 210?) that (can record 4 programs simultaneously) are available in some states, but not in St. Louis Missouri. When will these models be available in Missouri? Or is there a DVR substitute for my Motorola 350 that I can purchase?

Accepted Answers

  • SatchSatch Posts: 5,027 Contributor
    Apr 02, 2022 Answer ✓

    Welcome to the forum @roostrg !

    You would need to try to get the 210 World Box. However, inventory varies, as does box male and model. However, for the boxes that are DVR's in the field today, only the World Boxes are 4-tuners.

    If you have multiple TV's and your division only has two tuner models, all I could suggest would be adding another box or two to your account. I would recommend a profesional install and calling Spectrum to set this up, to make sure your signals and lines are good if you pursue this option.


  • roostrgroostrg Posts: 4 Spectator
    Apr 06, 2022 Answer ✓

    Thanks for all the good information.

    FYI, according to the internet "Whats my guide - Spectrum" I have the 2 "Spectrum" remoted shown indicating I do have the "Spectrum Guide" plan. I guess I will have to wait for one of the "World" DVR's.


  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 613 Moderator
    Apr 02, 2022

    Hi @roostrg, welcome to our community!

    Most of our DVRs only have 2 or 4 tuners. You are always welcome to exchange your DVR at a Spectrum store but we do not have a way to check current or future inventory. Please note when exchanging your DVR any currently recorded content will be lost.

  • roostrgroostrg Posts: 4 Spectator
    Apr 02, 2022

    Our local Spectrum stores claim they only have the 2 tuner model. What is the model number for the 4 tuner DVR?

  • roostrgroostrg Posts: 4 Spectator
    Apr 03, 2022

    I was told by Spectrum Tech Support that the 210 receiver also requires different software in the St Louis area. Is that true?

  • SatchSatch Posts: 5,027 Contributor
    Apr 03, 2022


    Yes, Spectrum's newest four tuner DVR's called World Boxes run their latest guide called Spectrum Guide. Not all divisions have the World Boxes yet. When they get World Boxes, they will come with Spectrum Guide. There are generally three guides out there used by Spectrum:

    If you live in an area that was a former Time Warner Cable market or Bright House Networks market, you will most likely get ODN guide on a two-tuner box, or new Spectrum Guide on a four-tuner DVR World Box. The World Boxes, are boxes without clock displays,

    If you live in an area that was a former legacy Charter market, you will most likely get I-Guide on a two-tuner DVR or Spectrum Guide on a newer World Box DVR.

    To see the guides in your area, Google Search, "What guide do I have?", Spectrum. Upon entering your address at the first Spectrum URL site that comes up, it will show the guides for your area. The former TWC/BHN ,markets seem to be a little bit ahead of the hardware technology markets concerning the boxes. Spectrum's goal is to update all markets and as many boxes as they can to the new Spectrum Guide, which will come about in one or two ways:

    1.) You get a box from the office or on a truck roll that has Spectrum Guide on it

    2.) You will be overnight updated to the new Spectrum Guide which could be in weeks to a few years. If your existing box had a specific number of tuners, you will still have that same number of tuners if updated. The exception are the legacy Arris, Samsung, and Cisco-Technocolor boxes in the field for some TWC/BHN markets, which had six-tuners. If you are updated overnight to Spectrum Guide on one of those boxes, you will move down to four tuners.

    Tips: New boxes will never solve bad signals or line problems. These require a tech visit to update existing outside/inside wiring. If you have pixilating channels, loss of channels, unreliable On-Demand that purists for several weeks, this is almost always a signal or drop line problem.

    If you have a box that's constantly rebooting, a DVR that makes a clicking sound, or a box that won't boot, this is almost always the result of a bad box, and than you would need to swap it out.


  • Renee_TRenee_T Posts: 447 Moderator
    Apr 05, 2022

    Hi All!

    I just wanted to add one more thing in here. We do also have World Boxes that are models 101 and 201. These ones would also not have the clock on the front, but some of these models would also be running our older ODN guide format so that they are available to customers who have not yet upgraded to a Spectrum Pricing Plan and are still receiving their legacy pricing package, since the Spectrum Guide is not compatible with the legacy packages. So if you are on an legacy pricing plan, but you would want to use a World Box, you would need to let the person at the counter know that you need one with the older guide to ensure you get one that is compatible with your service.

  • SatchSatch Posts: 5,027 Contributor
    Apr 05, 2022

    Thank you @Renee_T,

    Forgot to mention this, if you are still on a legacy Time Warner Cable/Brighthouse Networks billing plan, the World Box 101 and 201 are offered as well. Model 101 is a non-DVR box. Model 201 is a DVR box, and if you are not on a Spectrum billing plan ( still on TWC/BHN pricing) those recievers will come with the older, but still great ODN guide.

    Spectrum wants to gradually but progressively move customers off of legacy TWC/BHN Networks legacy billing into Spectrum billing plans, so that everyone is on the same guides and similar equipment and pricing structures accross the whole Spectrum footprint. Dates can change, but the goal as of April 4, 2022, is to have everyone on Spectrum billing by the end of 2022. They need to do this to push Spectrum Guide on as many boxes as they can. It will make updates easier for everyone and give Spectrum more uniformity over billing options and packaging features.


  • Diverdan316Diverdan316 Posts: 43 Contributor
    Apr 07, 2022

    Why not see about getting an enhanced DVR Arris 3600 with 6 tuners with 1TB storage that's what I have with Spectrum you would need to go to the Spectrum store & ask about it depending on availability you may get one

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