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Is there a newer/better tuning adapter available for your tivo customers?

thorpemark Posts: 1 Newcomer

we have a Spectrum-issued STA 1520 Tuning Adapter and Cablecard to work with a tivo Edge.


initially.. probably 3 years ago, this worked well. but for the last year or so there have been many times where the tuning adapter had to be cold booted to function.

  • - it has lost channels a couple times, requiring phone calls to Spectrum support
  • - it regularly, about every hour, insists that users hit the "okay" or "live tv" buttons in order to prove they are still watching an SDV channel. While this may save Spectrum bandwidth, it is annoying as hell. If you could eliminate this for our tuning adapter or at least make it a much more rare occurrence it would be nice.
  • - while watching it sometimes reports that we don't have access to a channel (using Tivo's error codes) when we do have access. That is, we are watching a channel.. the picture suddenly goes black and the error code 52 screen pops up.. requiring us to switch channels up and down to reacquire the same channel.

If there is a newer and more reliable model tuning adapter I think we'd like to try it. We recently switched to the new cable modem (using our own wifi router) and that went well.. except for one part of the install where instructions seemed to indicate we should have had some internet access before using a mobile phone to register the new modem. I found that to be odd.. requiring using mobile data to register the new cable modem. But it worked out in the end and download speeds appear to be faster.


  • Randy_S
    Randy_S Posts: 514 Spectrum Employee

    Hello and welcome to the Spectrum Community, @thorpemark. Great to hear that about your modem.

    About the DTA, here is a support page about troubleshooting the one you have. As for new ones, I am not aware of any new models within our inventory. Meaning, if you were to arrange to swap it out, there isn't a guarantee you would get a new or different one.

    I would recommend giving that page at least a quick once over to see if there is something you haven't tried already. If not a phone Cable TV agent (1-855-707-7328) can send hits or we can follow up with you privately if you'd like. Just let us know.


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,356 Contributor

    Hello @thorpemark!

    Welcome! Tuning adaptors can be hit or miss. Note that because they are a third party hardware, Spectrum may only be able to provide limited support for them. As Spectrum's network infrastructure gets updated, the day and time is very likely to come where customers will have problems with their tuniing adaptor, to where they will stop working completely.

    I would recommend getting a DVR box from Spectrum. It will be more reliable than the tuning adapter.


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