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Why is the new modem I was forced to accept making my internet lag/drop constantly?

emelby Posts: 2 Spectator

About a week ago, I started receiving emails and texts that Spectrum was sending me an unsolicited new modem that I was expected to install myself. It arrived and I set it up - a huge hassle for me, having no spare time, and the Spectrum app not working also added to my inconvenience. A mailing box and label was included in the parcel, so I'm expected to return the old device, also to my inconvenience.

With the new modem, my internet immediately became much slower, lagged constantly, and dropped out frequently, requiring me to connect over and over. I work from home, and my remote computer work was significantly impacted. I reached out on Twitter and an agent checked on my account. I was told that there was too strong of a signal coming off the new modem that was interfering with Spectrum's network connectivity, and the issue would require a technician to resolve. An appointment was scheduled for the next day.

The technician arrived and spent about an hour staring at and fiddling with the modem, going back and forth outside, all the while looking bewildered. After leaving my apt for over half an hour, he returned with his supervisor, and the two of them spent another half hour puzzling over the modem.

After they left, my internet was even slower, still lagged and dropped out. I realised that they reduced the signal strength with an 8Db attenuator, but *then* added on a three-outlet splitter with no terminator caps, which was unnecessary and slowed my connection speed down.

I'm paying for this?? For shoddy service and slow speed? AND, cherry on top, I'm expected to take time that I don't have to box up and return the perfectly good modem that I'd been using? This is appalling.

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  • Renee_T
    Renee_T Posts: 728 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator
    Answer ✓

    Hello @emelby

    Welcome to our community! I'm sorry for all the confusion surrounding the new modem and the technician visit. The new modem was sent to you as we are transitioning all of our internet customers to modems that would use DOCSIS 3.1. I took a look at your account using your forum registration information and it looks like your previous modem was using DOCSIS 3.0 and the modems using that version are due to be deactivated and no longer allowed on our network in your area. A new modem was sent to ensure that there was no interruption to your service when the deactivation takes place.

    During your visit, our technician confirmed that there are no further issues at your premise and your issue was escalated to the Network Maintenance team for resolution. Our Maintenance Department has received this escalation and confirmed that increased internet traffic in your neighborhood is the cause of the intermittent connectivity you are seeing. We are rapidly working to upgrade the few pockets in our network like yours, where the online traffic has shifted dramatically due to the remote work and distance learning needs.

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