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How to connect smart plug 2.4Ghz to Spectrum 5Ghz network router?

bobrunner1bobrunner1 Posts: 12 Participant
edited December 2022 in Spectrum Archives: 2020 - Present May 20, 2022

New router only shows 5GHZ. Old router (same model) worked fine. Tech says they can not set router for 2.4GHz / 5GHZ. So smart plugs and wireles extender will not connect. Is this correct?

Best Answer

  • Tyleen_ZTyleen_Z Posts: 541 Moderator
    May 20, 2022 Answer ✓


    Our newer routers are known as advanced wireless routers. So they have both networks but don't broadcast them and don't give you the option to pick the network to connect to. The router would automatically assign the best network for the device. If the device only has 2.4ghz and not 5 ghz it should be able to connect to it. You might need to go through the settings on the smart plugs and extender or contact the manufacturers of the devices to get further help.


  • bobrunner1bobrunner1 Posts: 12 Participant
    May 22, 2022

    Finally got the smart plugs to connect. Needed to move smart plugs to the same furthest point as the cell phone (back yard area). 2.4ghz connected to devises in seconds.

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