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How can I adjust my router MTU on Spectrum?

darylgene Posts: 1 Newcomer


  • Randy_S
    Randy_S Posts: 514 Spectrum Employee

    Good afternoon and welcome to the Spectrum Community @darylgene!

    With our equipment I do not believe you can change that setting. If you have your own router you could give it a shot but honestly, changing that (if you can) probably wouldn't make a difference and if you did go higher, if a ping dropped you would lose more data. But, I have heard that changing it really doesn't make a difference.

    I am not an expert on MTU by any means so if someone in the community has any ideas like say ... @Satch :)... please jump in.


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,335 Contributor

    Sup @Randy_S ?

    I am not an Internet guy. Much more of a CATV/box/DVR/programing guy! LOL! However, if you rent a router from Spectrum, you won't be able to change a lot of the settings. If you own your own router, I would suggest contacting that router manufactuer's tech support for guidence relating to that setting.


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