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If I return a cable box via the UPS store, do I need a label or will they do it ?

trailguy Posts: 1 Newcomer


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,424 Contributor

    Hello @trailguy

    Welcome! You should be able to go to UPS's website to print labels. You can print the label and the store will add it to the package when you take it there. I have provided a link to UPS to answer questions about returns:


  • Paul_B
    Paul_B Posts: 577 Spectrum Employee

    Hello @trailguy and welcome to the Spectrum Community!

    When you return your equipment to the UPS Store, they will print out a label for you free of charge and provide you with a receipt indicating that they have received your equipment and are shipping it back for you. If you are cancelling services, once you have turned in your equipment, please ensure that you call into customer service and request that any services associated with that equipment be cancelled.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to reply to this topic.


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