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GDVR-1005 error on world box DVR

Kaimaru Posts: 2 Spectator

Recently I have had two problems. The first is when I try programming a new series, I get the above error of GDVR-1004. The second issue is unless I just turned on my DVR, it says no recording available. I then have to power off and on. Sometimes I have to use the reset button on the box.



  • William_M
    William_M Posts: 1,116 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    Hi @Kaimaru! Welcome to our community.

    Have you tried rebooting your DVR by removing the power cord for 30 seconds before plugging it back in instead of just using the power button?

  • Kaimaru
    Kaimaru Posts: 2 Spectator

    I used the reset button on world boxes. (I am an employee.) I did remove the power cord. It seems to have resolved the error message at this time.

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