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Constant buffering and re-buffering

kare2k Posts: 4 Spectator

For the last couple of months the Spectrum TV App for Roku has been buffering and re-buffering constantly!! it is VERY difficult to view programs ... especially ballgames!!! and it happens while using cable on the TV with no Roku!!! it is extremely annoying!!

Also, while using Roku, the guide isn't very efficient ... at times it even returns to the home screen to start the app all over again!!!



  • James_M
    James_M Posts: 4,767 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    Hi and welcome!

    Buffering issue on Roku are typically connectivity related. A good place to start is restarting the modem and the Roku. You may need to also delete and reinstall the app. If the issue continues after these steps, let us know!

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