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I can't get rid of a show that always comes up with "continue watching" when I go to My Library

qualtech Posts: 7 Participant

I am a total newbie. On using my windows pc, I switch to My Library often to select what I want to watch next. Usually I just want a tv channel, but when I click on MyLibrary, I get a full-screen nag to continue watching some show that I long ago lost any interest in. Even if I start watching something else from "OnDemand", the full-screen nag wants to ask me to continue watching this same old show.

I have guessed this has something to do with a list somewhere called InProgress, but I can not locate any useful information about much of anything I can do from Watch.Spectrum.Net. Every search for info comes back telling me what to do on the cable box remote control, not on my pc keyboard and mouse.

Can anybody out there steer me to at least a starting point to get documentation on how everything works for me as a pc user of My wife is the one who watches things on the tv set (and cable box). My only access to "tv" entertainment is from my windows pc.. I understand technical topics pretty well. I'm 81 years old and retired from a 50+ year career in computer design and programming for IBM.going back to 1968 -- the dark ages of the computer biz.

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  • HT_Greenfield
    HT_Greenfield Posts: 450 Contributor
    Answer ✓

    Recently Watched shows go to the front of the line of the heads-up marquee carousel. Whatever’s up front in Recently Watched, will also be up front in the heads-up carousel. I have experienced the idiosyncrasy whereby some movie or show happens to consistently revert to the front of the line regardless of any facet of recency. I don’t know what the catch is but you can remove any Recently Watched item from the heads-up marquee carousel by removing it from the Recently Watched list. Scroll down to Recently Watched, hover the pointer over whichever show it is that you want to remove, then click on the removal symbol that should appear at its upper right-hand corner.

  • HT_Greenfield
    HT_Greenfield Posts: 450 Contributor
    edited October 2022 Answer ✓

    That’s good to know @qualtech ! I guess it must have expired from Recently Watched along with anything else that may have been in there, at which point Recently Watched itself disappeared. So try watching it for a few more minutes and then click on My Library to refresh it and see if Recently Watched reappears with the subject on-demand show within and, if it is, delete away & see if it disappears from up top. If not, let us know. (Apparently Recently Watched has only to do with on-demand & Recent Channels has only to do live TV/watch live.)


  • William_M
    William_M Posts: 761 Moderator

    Hi @qualtech! Sorry for the trouble.

    Have you tried clearing your web browsers cookies and cache?

    Do you see the same thing when accessing the site or app from a different device?

  • qualtech
    qualtech Posts: 7 Participant

    Thanks for your reply, William_M.

    Yes. That was the first thing I did, and it is what sent me looking for documentation on things mentioned by posts elsewhere, like "in progress". These things would be on server side, not client side. To make sure, I have recreated this on 4 computers (3 pc 1 mac), on safari, Chrome, firefox, edge, and opera. Aslo on Linux, OS X, and Windows. No syncing between systems or browsers. Definitely server side.

    The program involved here (My Big Fat Wonderful Life) is an On Demand listing. There must be documentation on how to make "continue watching" work and how to turn it off and on. Searching for hints by keyword on the web has not yielded much of anything resembling a user guide approach to any Spectrum My Library usage.

    Any more ideas? . . . anyone?

  • HT_Greenfield
    HT_Greenfield Posts: 450 Contributor
    edited September 2022

    Clarification: everything i said in my previous comment is specifically in reference to on-demand shows that are in the Resume state. I don't think the causes & effects i mentioned would necessarily also apply to shows that have been watched all the way to the end but i also don't think the subject idiosyncrasy would occur with such, anyway.

  • qualtech
    qualtech Posts: 7 Participant

    To Greenfield:

    Thanks for sending that info to me. I have not been able to try your suggestion because I can't find a recently watched list that contains this show.

    When watching Live TV I can filter to recently watched channels, but not shows. How can I find the recently watched list you are referring to? For the past 2 weeks now, I have been trying to find it by browsing the app (and searching the web for clues) and I am out of ideas.

    I can post details about how I am browsing the app to look for this recently watched list if that will help. If I ever find it, I will apply your suggestion and post the result.

    Many thanks again for your responses so far.

  • qualtech
    qualtech Posts: 7 Participant

    Thank you once again, @HT_Greenfield. You've answered the question

    Your comments led me to some trial-and-error outcomes that got me the result I was looking for, namely: a way back to the original starting point with recently watched and the carousel empty and invisible. If I knew enough to ask for that, life would have been simpler. The nagging behavior and the disappearance of recently watched caused us both some unnecessary time and trouble. If only one show is involved, there is some condition that makes it in a resume state and not in the recently watched list, so the continue watching nag is there, but no recently watched list appears in MyLibrary. Go figure ... !

    Someone who reads this may want to know what did it for me.. I started watching and removing things from On Demand=>TV Shows. The Recently Watched list showed up, but it did not contain the show I was trying to get rid of.. Then your suggestion to watch the nagging show again worked and I was able to remove shows until the list was empty. That made the list and the carousel disappear while Recent Channels and all the rest stayed the same. Just what I was after.

    This is what undocumented user-interfaces combined with a newbie-blind-spot can do. Shame on watch.spectrum (and me).

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