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How to remove channels not in our package

Rowan798 Posts: 1 Newcomer

Is there a way to remove the channels not included in my TV package (TV select)? My mom has Alzheimer's and gets stuck in the high number channels that we don't have and can't remember how to get back to her normal channels. We have a remote cover, so she only has access to basic functions. It would help if those channels could be removed. Any idea on how to do that?


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,336 Contributor
    edited October 2022

    Hello and Welcome to the Community, @Rowan798!

    What you are seeking to do is to have the guide show only Subscribed Channels that are in your package when viewing the Time Grid. To activate this feature, it depends on the guide software installed on your box:

    The most common guides are the new Spectrum Guide and ODN guide. There are also other guides. To find the guide for your area, Google Search, "What guide do I have?", Spectrum. One of the first results will have you enter your address and zip code for your area. You will see all of Spectrum's cable box guides:

    To show only subscribed channels in the guide for Spectrum Guide: (Newest Guide)

    With the full screen Guide displayed, press the OPTIONS or “A” button on the remote, then choose Guide Settings > Show Channels. Press OK to toggle between ALL CHANNELS and SUBSCRIBED.

    For the ODN Guide:

    Press the Guide button twice and select the "Subscribed" channels filter.

    If you like in an area that does not have these guides on your box, consult the help options for links provided on how to work with them on the list of guides page for your area.

    Note: The above process will hide the channels from view in the Time Grid so that you will only see the channels in your Subscribed package. You can not physically remove channels from the cable box system. Additionally, B-button searching or using the magnifying glass to search the system to my knowledge still shows all channels in the system for search results. Traditionally, a key will be shown indicating any channels that are not in your plan.

    To further help your Mother, you also might want to set up a parental control blocking pin, which would prevent her from ordering premium channels or movies on your account without your knowledge. You would have access to a four digit pin number that you would know and would be able to set up if you wanted to watch something that cost money to order. Not only is this helpful to stop little kids from ordering things and giving parents control of purchases for CATV, it can also be used so that people with medical conditions don't accidentally order things on your account.

    To set up parental controls, that should be listed in the "What Guide do I have" detailed information for that specific guide. Or you can just tell us what guide you have, and we can show you how to activate parental controls for your guide.


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,336 Contributor
    edited October 2022

    Important Correction For Above:

    When talking about setting up Parental Controls. I meant to say above, "Parental Control Purchase Pin" (Not blocking pin.)

    Parental Control Purchase Pin-Prevents unwanted purchases (Premium Channels, PPV Movies, and Special Events,) from being ordered on your box. (This is what OP should consider setting up for his Mother.)

    Parental Control Blocking Pin-Prevents channels from being viewed based on rating restriction guidelines (i.e You set a pin to block R-rated shows, all R-rated shows and everything above them (X, NC-17) needs parental control pin number to view.) This would probably not be the pin type that the OP wants.


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