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When will the Spectrum TV app be available on LG TVs?

RickBonRickBon Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited March 15 in Spectrum Archives: 2020 - Present Nov 13, 2022

When will the Spectrum TV app be available on LG TVs? We just purchased a very expensive LG TV and found out that the Spectrum TV app isn't available. Please let me know why it isn't available and when you anticipate it to be available.


Accepted Answers

  • Renee_TRenee_T Posts: 427 Moderator
    edited November 2022 Nov 14, 2022 Answer ✓

    Hello @RickBon

    Welcome to our community! While our app teams are always working on adding new features and making the app available on more platforms, they do not provide us with future dates on when those features/platforms will be made available.

  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,953 ADMIN
    edited November 2022 Nov 14, 2022 Answer ✓

    Jumping in to add that you can use the app with any TV, so long as you use a third party supported device, such as a ROKU or Apple TV, otherwise you would need a set top cable box.


  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 560 Moderator
    Nov 16, 2022

    Hi @AJDongan, welcome to our community! If your TCL TV has a built in Roku, you can access the Spectrum TV app through the Roku app store. If you do not have access to the Roku app store on that TV, you would need to connect a supported device.

    For the app to work on any particular make/model TV or other device the app has to be redeveloped for that device and we need to get the manufacturer to agree to add the app to their app store. I am more than happy to forward your feedback about expanding the app to include all TCL smart TVs, though I cannot guarantee it will be possible.

  • MooreJoeEMooreJoeE Posts: 1 Newcomer
    Nov 25, 2022

    I too purchased LG TV's for my new home and have chosen other streaming services due to lack of compatibility. Was there an exclusive agreement with Samsung?

  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 560 Moderator
    Nov 25, 2022

    Hi @MooreJoeE, welcome to our community!

    There is no exclusive agreements for availability of our app. I will forward feedback about making it available on LG TV's.

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