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What's with all the BUFFERING??

curthesscurthess Posts: 7 Spectator
edited January 15 in Spectrum TV for Apple & Apple TV Jan 15, 2023

Running on multiple devices, I can prove that the problem is not my devices or my Macs. It is Spectrum.

When running on two devices, device-1 stops at a specific time...followed a few seconds later with a stop on device-2. Same exact position of the stream, both audio & video.

BTW, I don't get the buffering when I watch via the NFL app on my iPad - so, again, this is not a bandwidth issue...this is Spectrum delivering a TV Channel without buffering - and LOSING the activity that happened while you are trying to catch up.

UGH UGH UGH in the middle of a sports event like an NFL Playoff game! Come'on guys.

I'm paying for the HIGHEST TIER I know I have the home bandwidth -- why can't Spectrum servers keep up with the stream??


  • Steph_SSteph_S Posts: 476 Moderator
    Jan 15, 2023

    Thank you @curthess and sorry for the trouble with the Spectrum TV app. I was able to locate your account based on your login information.

    I have sent some updates on my end and would ask that you please unplug the power to the modem and your Router, please wait 1 minute then reconnect the power to the modem after a few moments please connect the power to the router and test the connection. Please let me know if there is any change with the connection. While the equipment is rebooting, I would ask that you please log out of the site and app. Please also clear your browsing history within your Browser and then re-test. Please let me know if there is any change or if the issue continues.

  • curthesscurthess Posts: 7 Spectator
    Jan 15, 2023

    Steph_S - thank you for the quick response.

    I've been through this conversation with other support people at SpectrumTV, and, frankly it is frustrating.

    I'm an old IT guy, so I have "some" idea of how IP traffic works.

    When I tell you that the buffering happens ONLY at -- and NOT when I watch exactly the same content via the NFL app on my iPad. The only logical conclusion is that the problem is NOT with the modem or my browsers at all. The problem seems to be the ability of to deliver the streaming content at the rate the information is available. When "buffers" it actually LOSES the content during the buffering time, not delaying it. Again, I know this because (as an engineer) I actually run little mini-experiments to try to figure out what is happening.

    I had ZERO BUFFERING on the NFL app - so the universal solution of rebooting the modem & router (what we always called the MS Windows "solution") and/or clearing browser cache. That is simply a waste of time, but so many customer support organizations put it forward because it takes them off the short-term-we-don't-really-know/understand-the-problem situation.

    No Steph_S, I'm not blaming YOU for sending me a bogus non-fix, but your engineering management folks for not having the mindset of actually solving the problem. This buffering problem has been with for years - been there / done that. The last time I complained so loudly, your company actually sent new equipment. That was fun...but didn't fix the problem. BTW, I'm paying for your BEST internet we don't have a bandwidth problem. For certain.

    I admit that this isn't a CONSTANT problem, but when it happens during a sporting event, I whine.

    BTW, without ME doing anything you suggested, the problem seems to have gone away about an hour ago. Long before your supposed "adjustments" to my modem/router. Someone at probably turned up the server response capability to meet the high demand for the playoff games.

    I have praised Spectrum repeatedly after years with XFinity and Verizon. Your company is superior. I'd certainly appreciate your sofware people figuring out why some Mac browsers don't work. Spectrum is the only company I deal with (and I'm online with tons of tools all day every day) that has these issues. Fix the durn http servers to handle the issues, and I know it ain't that hard to do. Just need determination and a manager who refuses the cheap excuses of his server experts.

    Please pass my emails up your supervisory chain...several layers perhaps. Spectrum is better than this.

  • Lyn_TLyn_T Posts: 80 Moderator
    Jan 16, 2023

    Good evening @curthess

    Thank you for replying, I am very sorry this has been happening when you are trying to watch our service with using computer. Our modem is connected with our streaming services. Resetting the modem may be a fix to the concerns you are noticing. Have you attempted to use a Smart TV or Roku to stream our App? If you have, do you notice the same issues? -Lyn

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