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Anyone else get a text re: Maintenance Update?

mpprice25 Posts: 3 Spectator

Hi - I received a text from 49674 this am that said "Spectrum Mobile: We've performed a maintenance designed to improve your data service. Please restart device now to ensure uninterrupted service.

I did restart and phone performed some kind of update - updating apps and such.

We have two of the same exact phones and my other phone did not get the text.

I was trying to find out what was included in this update via Google and the Spectrum Mobile website, but nothing shows up.

So wondering if anyone else got this or should I be worried?



  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,311 Contributor

    Welcome to the forum @mpprice25!

    If everything is OK over the next few days or so, you are probably alright. If you notice slowdowns, pop-ups, or connection problems, you might have to do a clean reinstall of your phone. software. It is hard to say. Keep us posted!


  • mpprice25
    mpprice25 Posts: 3 Spectator

    UPDATE: yesterday I received two emails from with a message. including this

    Hello Spectrum Customer,

    Over the next day, upgrades will be made to the Spectrum Mobile network, meaning faster speeds, stronger connectivity and better protection for customers such as you.

    This fits with the text I received the other day about an update. I now feel comfortable that this is not some nefarious attack on my phone and that it does come from Spectrum.

    Two things had me questioning the text, 1. that when I tried to find out details about what was included in the upgrade, I found nothing on the internets nor the Spectrum site, including in the Forums. That just seemed odd. And 2. the email came to my gmail account instead of my roadrunner account. I am checking into the mobile account now to see if I used my gmail somewhere in the contacts.

    I had no issues with the upgrade install and no problems after. In fact, I see no difference from before/after.

    any thoughts world?

  • Renee_T
    Renee_T Posts: 674 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    Hello @mpprice25

    I apologize for any confusion. I looked at the account using your registration information from the community and those messages were sent by us. When there are important notifications on maintenance or service interruptions, we will reach out to the contact methods that are set up for your account. Since we would only reach out to the contacts listed, if there is only one contact number listed the notifications would only go to that phone number. The number and/or email can be updated using your My Spectrum app.

  • mpprice25
    mpprice25 Posts: 3 Spectator

    thank you, moderator, for helping me understand how I am contacted. In these days of security issues, I try to be vigilant.

    One more thing that you can help with if possible. I was searching for the Upgrade details (what was changed, added or removed) and I can't find any information from Spectrum on the site. Is it posted anywhere? can I find the details?

    I am concerned because we recently had a Verizon outage in my area and when I tried to activate my "WiFi Calling" feature on my Galaxy S20 FE, the option is no longer available. Just not there. I know the phone had the feature when I purchased it around Christmas. So, wondering if the update could have changed my firmware???

    thanks for any assistance

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