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ACP Program Benefit discount question!?

Bran_D Posts: 1 Newcomer

I have a Spectrum account, and my wife receives the ACP Program Benefit Discount from LifeLine. Can we add her to my account so we can apply this discount to my bill!? Or do I have to disconnect my Internet account from Spectrum!? The only other solution I can possibly see is to change ownership of the account over to my wife if that is a possibility! Does anyone know the answer to this question!? If so please respond, I look forward to Reading your responses!


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,310 Contributor

    Hi @Bran_D Welcome to our Community!

    My understanding is that you would need to add your wife to be an authorized user on the account by contacting Spectrum Customer Care. Once she is added to the account, Google Search "Affordable Connectivity Program:, and when you go to the FCC-based site, you answer the questions to see if you qualify:

    What is the Affordable Connectivity Program?- *A monthly Internet credit for qualifying low-income households.) This website has more detailed information and the steps to see if you qualify:

    (Accepted users who are on low income subsidized programs by the government may qualify for a $30 discount on their Internet services each month, or a $75 discount if they reside on a tribal Indian Reservation.) It's a federal government assistance program based on annual household income.

    If you get approved, you will be get a notice via email or text-messaging that you decide. Than, you need to have access to your approval information from your email or text message. On that email, or text message, will be an approval ID number. Whomever is authorized to your account would than have to call Spectrum, and ask for Billing. Than you need to give the CSR the information on your approval form including the ID number that was emailed or text-messaged to you.

    Within 30-60 days of your next billing cycle, you will get an "Internet Stimulus Credit" on your bill. You can only do this for one household and one device per account under the rules of the program. Additionally, Spectrum/the FCC Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) program will let you know in about a year that it is time to renew your benefits. Than, you go back to the site, to renew your application after a year, and call Spectrum again to give them your new approval ID number. The yearly renewal process is needed to see if you still qualify for the Internet Stimulus Credits.


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