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Additional IP Address

TechnologyINCTechnologyINC Posts: 2 Spectator
in Connectivity May 02, 2023

I just got Spectrum Fiber in my area, currently testing it as a possible replacement for AT&T..

One of my requirement is having an additional IP address, but was told that Spectrum don't support this, the rep's wording was a bit off.. " our equipment does not support more than one IP address"....

This is a big factor in my decision on which ISP I go with, is this true, spectrum only supports a single IP per customer.

Best Answer

  • James_MJames_M Posts: 4,028 ADMIN
    May 02, 2023 Answer ✓

    Hi & Welome @TechnologyINC,

    The representative you spoke with was correct, for residential accounts, we only support one dynamically assigned IP address per account.

    If you have the need for multiple IP addresses, including static IP addresses, then you would want to get in touch with Enterprise Sales for business at 1-877-794-1376. I also included a link to the Enterprise Sales website if you want to check out some of the different options and advantages before calling.

    Thanks for the question!


  • TechnologyINCTechnologyINC Posts: 2 Spectator
    May 02, 2023

    Ok.. Thanks. big disappointment, so far the service has been acceptable..

    Maybe they need to rethink that policy, reviewing the business services seems lackluster, and nothing that I would need to justify extra 20 bucks.

    Thanks Again for confirmation.

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