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Error codes IDID-3214 & IDID-3210

l7PE4C6X Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited September 2023 in Spectrum Archives: 2020 - Present

I got two strange notifications from the Spectrum app both titled "Test message from Pinpoint" with the phrase "body text" underneath. I thought it was odd, so I tried logging into the app to see what that was about, but it won't log me in. It just keeps loading before the app finally gives me a sign-in error and to try again later. Then I tried the mobile browser, but it gives me a similar error with the error code IDID-3210. I tried the web browser but got the same message with error code IDID-3214. I turned off the ad blocker on the web browser. I tired a different browser, but I still get error code IDID-3214. I don't understand what's going on. Nothing about my service has changed. I haven't done anything to get in trouble with spectrum. Are they doing some maintenance and trying something out that probably isn't working put as intended? What could be going on that I can't even login anymore?


  • Randy_S
    Randy_S Posts: 514 Spectrum Employee

    Good afternoon @l7PE4C6X and welcome to the Spectrum Community.

    Right now we are having service interruptions with the My Spectrum app(s) and websites. I apologize for the confusion and inconvenience. If you would like to learn more, just call us at 1-844-488-8395. We would be glad to help you.


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