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Closed an account 5 days into a billing cycle, Spectrum refusing to prorate bill. The cost of cable is outrageous!

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    Good evening @maryrkidd and Welcome to our Community Forums,

    Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to prorating your bill when changes or disconnections are completed.  I understand you have a question on why you didn’t received credit for the services as well. Let me provide more details on how our billing works. Spectrum bills for services on a month to month basis, (monthly subscription) You are able to disconnect or make changes at any time but the billing will not stop until the end of your billing cycle. If you have any additional questions please let us know. -Lyn


  • maryrkidd
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    I understand there is a policy. However, there should also be a policy that the Spectrum store employees explain this policy when stopping a service. I turned in the equipment and stopped the service without being advised of this policy. I was told it is on the monthly statment. I received eletronic statments. I look at the first few pages to find out why the bill continued to rise over the last year. I never scrolled through the entire bill and read every word that this policy is within the statement. If I did not have difficulties paying the bill, I would have kept the service. This policy is not custmoer friendly and I am sure a large profit is made everyday from this policy. I will continue to voice my frustration with Spectrum on every forum I have access.


  • Steph_S
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    I can certainly understand your frustration and will pass along this feedback. In the future you can find this information under 'Billing Information' on pages 2/3 of your statements each month. You may occasionally find it under 'News and Information' along with other important changes.

  • maryrkidd
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    I know that is Spectrum's answer, it is in statement. Buried in the statement is a better respnse. That should not take the place of a Spectrum employee not adviseing customers of this outdated and unfair policy. Most services are stopped due to not being to afford the exorbitant charges. I am struggling financially as it is and this is why the cable services were canceled. Now to pay for a service that has stopped, is insane. As well as unethical.

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