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When watching something on-demand, we can only pause a show for a couple of minutes — so the on-demand exits whatever show / movie we were watching while we're on a snack hunt or bathroom break. It's really annoying to have to go back and find that show and restart it to pick up where we were booted out. Unlike other streaming apps, Spectrum on-demand pause timing is short and we can't figure out how to change any default pause timer. Is there a way to change this setting to extend the length of the pause time?



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    Hello @mongoluvtv

    Welcome to the Community! My apologies for the poor experience, I certainly understand how frustrating that must be. We are happy to look into this for you. Are you using the Spectrum TV app or the cable box to view On Demand?

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    Hello @Jaleesa_F

    Thank you for your reply. We are using the cable box. (The Arris model that has the clock display and the ability to set 'reminders' for scheduled content.)

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    You're welcome! Have you tried rebooting your cable box?

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    @Jaleesa_F Yes, but this has nothing to do with rebooting. I'm looking for how to change the 'pause' settings so that 'pause' lasts longer than 2 minutes. Thank you.

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    I do apologize for the issues. There is not a way to adjust the pause time. Though it should stay paused for more than 2 minutes. Can you try to reset the cable box to see if this helps?


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    For longer On Demand Stoppages,

    Instead of pausing the content, press the stop button or change channels would be your best option. Than, go back to your On Demand Portal by pressing the button. You will see an in progress list. Note that on some cable guides, I have seen this list duplicate program titles. To resolve this, find the title that would represent the most filled in area from where you last paused or stopped the show. That would be the title to select, and you can pick up where you left off.

    On Spectrum's newest guide, the Spectrum Guide your "My Library" portal should have a place for watched On Demand titles.


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    Assuming the box is running the i-Guide software, then your My Rentals list is an on-demand recently-watched list of sorts. Everything you watch on demand will hang around in there for a 24-hour countdown from when you initially started watching. When ⏸️ times out, the box presents your My Rentals list with the show that had been paused selected and ready to be resumed. When that times out, the box presents the On Demand menu in which My Rentals can be found by paging down to the second page. If/when that times out, just bring it back up any time with the On Demand button.

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    Thank you @Satch and @HT_Greenfield for those suggestions!

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