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I received notice today from Spectrum it will no longer be offering my plan ( TV Select). Llineup changes will take effect 09/13/2023. It appears that I am losing 24 stations, mostly entertainment view, including my favorites TCM, HDNet Movies, and AXS TV. Instead I pick up 18 stations, primarily religious and urban. The cost decreases a whole $1.

If I had my choice I wouldn't select ANY of the new stations. According to my notice this is being done "to provide me with the latest state-of-the-art services." I haven't called yet to find out how much it will cost to restore the missing channels.

Has anyone followed up on this notice?

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    Thanks for the update!

    The "Tier 2" is an outdated channel plan. In order to get those channels back you will have to call Spectrum to go on the new plan. You will need to upgrade to Spectrum Select plus Entertainment View to get those channels. There is no "Tier 2" in modern Spectrum billing packages. You don't have "Entertainment View." If you did, "Entertainment View" would be itemized on your statement ($12.00 a month.)

    I have Spectrum Select plus Entertainment View as shown on my bill, and I get all of those channels. (I also get HBO/with HBO Max Ala-Carte and MGM+ Ala-carte.)

    Coming this Fall-Spectrum is rolling out a new plan in selected markets, that will be giving its customers a choice of two Spectrum Select plans:

    Spectrum Select Plus- Which is Spectrum Select plus the Sports program channels already on Spectrum Select:

    Spectrum Select Signature- Which is going to be like Spectrum Select, but without the added sports networks. (slightly reduced rate) But your market may or may not have the new Spectrum Select plans yet. If it doesn't, you will still be on Spectrum Select.

    But you are going to have to call Spectrum and get Spectrum Select+ Entertainment View to keep those channels after 9/13/2023.



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    Hello @BadgerBadger

    Something is really strange here, This is because Entertainment View is a brand new package, (like two years old or less) and it provides great value, especially when combined with Spectrum Select. Spectrum Select is the base plan and than you add channels to that plan Ala-carte.

    What TV packages do you have right now? How are you receiving Spectrum TV services, through a cable box, or Internet device? If you are getting Spectrum Servies through a Digital Tuning Adapter, those are being phased out, because Spectrum does not support that technology. I have never heard of a channel drop that dramatic. Did you get this notice through email or through post mail? What is your zip code? This is not making sense.


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    Thanks for responding Satch. (1). I have Spectrum Select with Tier 2. (2). Service is through a cable box. (3). There was a blurb on my bill saying that lineup changes were coming. I received a mailing (not e-mail) this week from Spectrum detailing the dropped channels and new channels. (4). My zip code is 53531.

    Dropped channels: AXS, Discovery Life, FS2, GSN, MAVTV, NBA TV, OWN, TCM, BBC World News, Golf Channel, HDNet Movies, MTV Live, NFL Network, RFD-TV, Tennis Channel, Bloomberg, ESPNU, Great American Family, LMN, MTV2, NHL Network, Smithsonian Channel, and Univision

    New Channels: ASPIRE, Cleo, Galavisoin, QVC2, TBN, The Word Channel, Bloomberg, Daystar, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, REVOLT, The Africa Channel, TheGrio, Circle, EartjX TV, INSP, Stellar TV, The Impact Network, and TV One.

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    I received my letter last week informing me of the changes being made to my Spectrum Select programming.

    I am losing 49 channels which includes almost all of the sport channels I reguarly watch.

    I live in northwestern North Carolina. Perhaps it's different in other locations.


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    Update Regarding Spectrum CATV Services,

    If you are on a legacy billing plan from Spectrum, (such as Spectrum Silver, Spectrum Gold, or the old Time Warner Cable/ Brighthouse Networks plan,) and you got one of those channel change notices, it means you are on an old plan.

    To continue to receive those channels, you must call Spectrum before 9/13/2023 and migrate to the Spectrum Select and Entertainment View packages. Do this, and there will be no interruption to your channels. All Premium channels now also have Ala-Carte pricing.

    All legacy accounts from Time Warner Cable, Brighthouse Networks, and legacy Charter are moving into these new plans. The new packages are being standardized across the Spectrum footprint.


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    I got this same notice.

    I just had a "chat" with someone on the Spectrum website who told me none of these channels were being dropped as my account was being "migrated" over to a new plan. Do I still need to call? I really would like to avoid 2 hours on hold.

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    Hello @saxonmd and Welcome!

    The channels are not being "dropped" from the system. But they are being moved over to a new package. If you got that notice, you are on an old plan. Migration is not automatic.

    You need to call Customer Care to get the new package "codes" applied to your account, or you will not be able to tune to those channels in your notice on and after 9/13/2023. You will need to tell the CSR that you want to upgrade your CATV Package to Spectrum Select+ Entertainment View if you want to keep those channels.

    If you get any Premium Channels in your old plan, those are now Ala-Carte. Review with your CSR those channels and decide what ones you want to keep, add, or change. Prices are the following:

    HBO (with Free Max- Not Cinemax- The HBO/Discovery Max app and website access is free with an HBO subscription.) $15.00/mo. In my view this is a great value.

    Cinemax- $10.00/mo.

    Showtime- $10.00/mo

    The Movie Channel- $5.00/mo

    Starz/Encore Bundle- $9.00/mo

    MGM+ - (Formerly EPIX) $6.00/mo


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