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TV: Initial "ON" now always goes to channel 1. aka. Spectrum News.

GMACK Posts: 1 Newcomer

20230823 @ ~1255 ....

Very recently, my TV power-on actions, result in a initialization @ channel 1(Spectrum News).

Is there a way to stop this, and simply return to the TV channel in use when the TV was powered off?

I know, "But it's such a simple action to just re-enter the channel wanted or, simply use the BACK key to return to the last watched channel". But, why was it changed to always supply channel 1?

Maybe, not everyone wants to make that initial correction !


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,423 Contributor

    Hi @Gmack and Welcome to the Forums!

    Most of the new guides have a feature called "Power on Channel" in Settings. You should be able to go to that setting and change that setting to "Last Channel Viewed." Sometimes updates to the guide revert the channel power-on back to "Spectrum News and Weather" Channel 1.

    Unfortuntely, if you are running the I-Guide software, this feature can not be changed. To check the guide you have, Google Search, "What guide do I have?", Spectrum. One of the first results will be a page where you can enter your street address and see the guides that are in your area. Each guide has its own tutorials. They will guide you through the process of changing your "Power on" channel setting.


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