Is there an easy way to delete emails?

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I can only delete 100 emails at a time. At that rate it takes about 30 minutes to remove about 5% of my emails (which is obviously 29 minutes too many). Is there a way to delete more efficiently? In fact I am open to having my entire inbox deleted in one step if that were possible. Yes, I sort by size and yes I have automatic deletion selected to bypass trash file. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Renee_T
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    Hello @tennisman

    Welcome to our community! Our webmail is designed to only delete a batch of emails 100 at a time. As more and more content is deleted the time may speed up a little as having over 1000 emails in your inbox or more than 35 email folders can cause a slow down when trying to manage the email.


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    This issue of only being able to delete 100 emails at a time is a serious deficiency and needs to be addressed.

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