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Is there any way to download a copy of my Spectrum Mobile monthly bill in PDF format?



  • William_M
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    Hi! You can get a PDF copy of your mobile statement by signing in online at Spectrum.net, select Billing > Mobile > desired billing period > Print > change Destination to "Save as PDF" > Save.

  • Payo
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    Thank you for your answer. What you described is a method for a user to convert a webpage into a PDF. It is not a method to download a PDF copy of the mobile account billing statement.

    For one thing, the type of mobile statement that you're describing is merely the top-level summary bill.

    Besides the fact that just to print the total bill, I would need to click on Expand All Items plus the caret symbol next to Unlimited Lines and By the Gig Lines.

    There are four lines on my account. In order to get details of Calls, Texts and Data, I would need to expand each of those three sections for all four lines. When there are more than 50 records, would need to click on Show More repeatedly until all records are exposed. Once all records are exposed, I could then save the webpage to a PDF.

    Each generated PDF file would contain the superfluous web page template of links for Manage Account, Get Support, Watch TV, Find a Spectrum Store, etc.

    I would then have a total of 13 PDF files, which I would need to manually combine to make one file, or I would have to keep each month's billing statement in the 13 separate files.

    This is a very non user friendly solution. Most wireless carriers simply generate an official billing statement which their customers can download with a single click. It is complete and looks official. It would be appropriate for saving for future reference, for reviewing without numerous mouse clicks and over a dozen files, and it could be appropriately submitted to an employer as supporting documentation for an expense report.

    Your method is not only cumbersome and unofficial-looking, but it is exceedingly time consuming for the customer.

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    I agree with Payo. I keep all my documents including bills and etc. in PDF format, and getting there with Mobile's online web pages is very problematic.

    Save to PDF might be alright as a solution if the underlying web info were all available to it, but having to Expand and then separately deal with call/text/data detail pages is onerous at best.

    Hope Spectrum can fix this.

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