IFE-1003 error

I am new to Spectrum and cannot get the Spectrum TV app to work on my iPhone13: always getting the IFE-1003 error (even with the most updated OS). I have deleted/re-downloaded the app. I am on my Spectrum home WiFi and the signal has been good. I have turned phone VPN off as well.

I saw this issue posted here in 2022 and it is archived as resolved, but started a new thread as the issue seems ongoing. Any advice is welcome.


  • James_M
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    Hi & welcome!

    The error code you are seeing is an individual issue error code for a specific device. It usually means that the application is being blocked. Resetting your network devices will usually resolve most issues. If the issue continues, do you get a message with the error code and are you able to test a different device?

  • RoyG237
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    Not sure exactly what “reset network devices” means: I have re-booted my phone multiple times, and my home internet has been (for other reasons) reset or power-cycled multiple times.

  • Jaleesa_F
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    When last was the modem and router rebooted? Are you able to test on a device other than the iPhone 13?

  • RoyG237
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    Rebooted 2 days ago when a technician was here. The app does work in my iPad.

  • Tyleen_Z
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    Thank you. Have you tried to turn off the VPN then log out of the app and then back in?


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