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I've been trying for some time to use MySpectrumWifi hotspots without success. I recently found on your website a video that describes how to start using these by one of two options (i.e. select "Spectrum Free Trial" or "Spectrum" from a list of wifi networks). I've tried both options, using the login (email address) and password that I have for the Spectrum website (www.spectrum.net), without success. It either prompts me to enter the login/password repeatedly, or simply hangs without giving wifi access. Is this the right login/password to use, or is there some other combination that I need to provide?

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    Hello @gdgilda!

    Sorry to hear that you are unable to access the Spectrum WiFi Hotspots, our Hotspot Support team are more than happy to assist with this! They can be reached directly, via phone at 1-888-851-9350​​​​​​.

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