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I am a Spectrum customer at two of my properties. I am also the owner of an e-commerce site, www.elite4rint.com. It's come to my attention that my site is being blocked by Spectrum. We've conducted internal server scans, which have shown no issues. Additionally, we've tested our URL on various security sites, and all confirm that the website is clean.

We contacted Spectrum recently and were informed that our URL is not blocked. However, multiple customers have sent screenshots showing that Spectrum's security shield is indeed blocking the website, displaying a "suspicious site blocked" message with the Spectrum shield logo. This is causing significant damage to our reputation. Instructing customers to manually whitelist our URL is not an acceptable solution. The issue needs to be corrected in the Spectrum database. If the database is from a third party security vendor, please share the name of the vendor so we can reach out and resolve this issue.

Please review and let me know if any further action is required from our end. We can provide any evidence needed to demonstrate that this is a false positive.


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    Hello @ikim858!

    Welcome to the Community Forums, sorry to hear that your website is being blocked. I am happy to assist. Security Shield blocks access to potentially harmful websites that are used to spread malware or steal user data. Users can request that a currently blocked website be reviewed for unblocking. For URLs blocked by Security Shield, CUSTOMERS must complete the form and click Submit Unblock Request. To submit the request, follow these steps:

    1. Go to spectrum.net/support.
    2. Select Security Center
    3. Select Security Shield.
    4. Select verify the site with us complete and submit a request form.  
    5. Re-enter the URL and press Verify URL.

    Please note that if the URL is not blocked by Security Shield the customer should close out this message and retry the URL. Also,

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    Hi Jaleesa,

    I appreciate your response. However, there doesn't seem to be Security Shield link within the Security Center. The page seems to have been updated and no longer contains the Security Center.

    Can you please provide a direct link to the Verify URL and Submit a Request Form page?

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    Confirmed to work from the house's wifi here in South Carolina:

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    Could have been something going on with the DNS queries.

    Bad cache hits with cloudflare have been known to cause the occasional wonkiness in the past. Not familiar with domaincontrol.com's name servers. Who knows... could be something up on their end.

    Also not uncommon to see weird lag crop up around the Texas area from time to time either...can wreak havoc on some browsers trying to do recursive lookups for IPv6 addresses.

    Just saying... quite a few pieces to the puzzle that make it all work.

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    May be a bad parent announcement still floating around out there (two origins, AS32097 and AS33397)

    While the CIDR's are different, both the NOCIX and Wholesale Internet records still ultimately point to the same IP In the end... but who knows if it may cause some hiccups with BGP routing and whatnot.

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