What package do we need to get Nat Geo Wild back?

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What package do we need to get in order to watch Nat Geo Wild?

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    Hello @Tzeringue123

    Welcome to our community! We are no longer carrying the Nat Geo Wild channel in any of our packages. In the coming months, TV Select or higher packages will include access to the Disney Plus streaming service, which does include the National Geographic content.


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    I bought a Ruku device ($30.00) and got rid of tv cable altogether. I now have Hulu Live TV + with all of the locals and all of the cable channels Spectrum had including Nat Geo Wild. That was a must-have for me. I even have channels I never knew existed along with some premiums.

    Hulu is the most expensive streaming service so I will be checking out some others but Hulu is a great alternative for now. No monthly box fee ever :)

    Go to Walmart and check it out.

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