Why can't I Pause or Rewind Live TV using the Spectrum TV App?

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I'd like to clarify some things regarding pausing live TV. Even with traditional cable TV service pausing was only ever possible with a DVR or VCR actively recording what you are watching to a hard drive in the DVR or cassette in the VCR. It is only Live TV when at the very latest moment available in the broadcast, so you can never really pause live only switch between live and a recording.

Xumo and similar devices do not have the space inside for large storage drives, they connect you to online streaming services who almost all are providing content that is already recorded and saved on a server accessible by the cloud. The Spectrum TV app does provide access to On-Demand programming, which can be paused just like any other online streaming service. The availability of episodes is determined by the TV networks but almost all new shows are fully watchable on demand.

We do offer Cloud DVR service which saves recordings to a cloud server for you. It has many advantages even over regular DVR service, such as being able to view the recordings from any device with the Spectrum TV app not just the DVR that recorded it, and only one fee for the entire cDVR service instead of a separate fee for each DVR box that is rented. As the Cloud DVR service is not tied to just that one device it doesn't automatically record everything you watch on it, but you can select to start and then view an in-progress recording which will then grant the pause and other capabilities you are expecting,

If anyone has additional feedback on the intended functions of Xumo or any other streaming platform, please start a new thread.


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