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Good Day:

There was a question posted on the Spectrum SubReddit about an email a subscriber received about a free equipment swap Equipment Swap Website - Real or not? The site appears to be legitimate, belonging to Spectrum

Could you please comment on what it is about and if it is only sent to customers that have outdated equipment?


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    Good afternoon @catchtwentytwo,

    Thanks for the question! This is a legitimate notice customers can receive when assigned equipment needs to be exchanged to provide the best service. An example scenario would be when a speed increase is provided on an account where existing equipment is not the best choice to accommodate the new speed. The existing equipment may or may not be capable of the new speed at all, and if it is, another device may be better suited to provide the best performance. Only accounts identified and eligible for this equipment swap would be able to process an exchange through the site. The link you posted can be found when using one of the "replace equipment" options at

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