What's the Difference Between Having Spectrum Select with Entertianment View vs. Spectrum Select+?

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Hello Spectrum,

A programing question- What is the difference between having Spectrum Select with Entertainment View vs. having Spectrum Select+? If there is none, will ESPN+ be offered to customers who have combined Spectrum Select with Entertainment View? Or will they have to upgrade their TV plans to Spectrum Select+


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    Hey, Satch, the one biggie with ESPN skin in the game that you get with TV Select Plus but not with Entertainment View coupled with either TV Select or TV Select Signature is NHL Network which Disney obviously considers to be nothing to sneeze at, as far as the ESPN+ gimme goes. Dealbreaker without it but not much of one because TV Select Signature is actually 5 beans a month less than TV Select and TV Select Plus is only 5 beans a month more than TV Select (all because TV Select includes a couple of RSN’s that TV Select Sig doesn’t and TV Select Plus does.) You do the math, my brother. 

    Edit: My bad for talking out of turn, my brothers!

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    Hey there @Satch.

    Spectrum Select Plus contains all the same channels as Spectrum Select, plus MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, NHL Network, and should grant access to ESPN Plus. Entertainment view is completely separate and can be added to either for 70 additional channels.

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    It sounds like to get ESPN+ users would need to upgrade to Spectrum Select+ and for $5.00 more a month, they get all the sports channels instead of just most of them with Spectrum Select and Entertainment View. Entertainment View is an Ala-Carte package of a little bit of sports, a little bit of movies, and a little bit special interest channels.

    Thanks for this!


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