Why doesn't the channel return to normal programming after an emergency test?

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After an emergency test plays the screen is stuck on the test screen. To get back to the normal program you have to change channels and the change back to resume the program you were watching.


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    Good Evening,

    Sometimes the boxes get stuck. It is correct that channel changing and than going back may clear the Emergency Alert Test message. Waiting for the time to elapse shown in the message may also clear the message, If neither does that or you don't want to wait, let the message play through. If it's not gone within five-ten minutes, reboot the box.

    Note that Spectrum has no control over these messages. By law, they are FCC mandates. All customers can do is file a complaint, say you are subscribed to Spectrum CATV, and that the Emergency Alert Messages are forcing me to reboot my cable box because they don't go away after the message alert has played. File a complaint with the FCC here:



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    All i can figure is that your county government has established an EAS details channel for your receiving device to go to after if not during the out-of-band EAS message itself and that you will indeed need to channel up and channel down to "restore" after the out-of-band EAS message itself has timed out, by design, even if your county government has failed to mention that in their EAS details channel display.


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    I am having a similar issue. EAS message does NOT appear on screen but screen is blank, not black, can't do anything like change channel, turn off the box etc. This occurs on the Spectrum 110 and the Spectrum 201-T and the Spectrum 210. I had a model 210 in my living room. I finally called for a service call and the tech came and changed BOTH my boxes. He replaced a Spectrum 110 with another 110. He replaced my Spectrum 210 with a Spectrum 201-T. The 201-T has a totally different menu system (ODM/MDN). This alone is confusing for an old man like me (73). But the problem still exists! EAS comes on, screen goes blank, boxes lock up and have to be re-booted.

    Is anyone else having this issue?

    I think the law requires these messages be broadcast but if all I get is a blank screen then isn't Spectrum failing the law? What happens if a tornado hits my house, I get injured because no EAS displayed…sue Spectrum for the damages?

    I would like to have my old Spectrum 210 box back so BOTH set top boxes would be the same menu system.

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