Why am I not able to get into my email? Server unavailable

EileenShultis Posts: 1 Newcomer

I have been having the absolute worst service with the web mail for months and I have just about had enough! I have no problem surfing anywhere else on the web but Spectrum’s webmail is the worst and I want it fixed and a credit to my account for not having my services work for months.

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  • sabaity
    sabaity Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Thanks Elleen for bring up problems I have been having for weeks now concerning Spectrum email. Switching browsers will work for a day or so but the problem will persist whether on Edge, Chrome or Firefox! I called tech support a few times and they were very testy when I mentioned web mail was working on Edge until lately and switching to a browser I don't care for likely would not work! Switched to Chrome and web mail worked a couple of days than same very, very slow loading and sometime would show 0 new emails. Called tech support again and they had me change my log in info. Again no sustained speedy access. I just monitor my emails on my smart phone now. Seems tech support does not believe your experiences with web email or they really do not know what to do!!!