I can’t believe you can’t pause live tv thru the streaming app!

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I recently signed up for the streaming service and got everything! Every channel, 1 gig of internet, extra pods, dvr plus, literally everything, and I just got it hooked up today to discover I can’t pause or rewind live tv thru the streaming service! Every other streaming services, I.e. YouTube tv, Hulu live, direct tv, even Everfast’s new service coming soon offers this basic option. How is this even possible! It’s gotta be a joke, right! I was misinformed big time! Now you’re gonna make me pay more to get the boxes(cable) back after I literally just cut it! Not happy. Actually, really upset at this situation.

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  • William_M
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    Hi @MrV76, welcome to our community!

    If you have cDVR service, you can start and then view an in-progress recording to get pause capabilities. You can also pause on demand content as well as content through the TV networks apps which we provide access to, if the channel is included in your subscription. I'm very sorry if this isn't how you expected it to function and will be happy to forward your feedback.