I have had Spectrum on my LG TV for years. Why is it not working now?


I have had Spectrum on my LG TV for years, even easily uploading to a new LG this past year. Last night the internet was out for several hours. When it came back on, there was no Spectrum TV available!? I cannot upload a new version … I have spent hours trying to get it back on. Why would the app that was working perfectly abruptly quit and why can't I replace it? (And now, what am I going to use to watch tv!)

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    Good morning @Clarion,

    The Spectrum TV app is not supported on LG devices and I'm not aware of a time where it was previously available for that device. You can view compatible devices and other information on the Spectrum TV app here. You can use any listed compatible device, including Xumo, which we offer as a device you can purchase or lease monthly. Newer LG TV's may have Chromecast built in, allowing you to cast to your TV as well if it has this feature. Were you using either your DVR or regular cable receiver with this TV instead of the Spectrum TV app?


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    Good evening @Clarion and Welcome to our Community Forums

    Thank you for reaching out to us about our streaming App not working as intended. I am very sorry this is happening. When you try to upload the new version what is happening? Are you receiving an error message? - Lyn