old roadrunner emails suddenly deleted

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Hi, I had hundreds of emails that I had been saving in my roadrunner account. I noticed recently that suddenly they were all gone and just new (junk) emails were in the account. I did not delete them and they are not in the trash. I have logged into the account on my iphone, and on my laptop through the website. I charged up an old iphone and made sure it was in airplane mode and the emails are all there. I know that as soon as I connect to wifi, they will disappear because that's what happened when I opened up my Mail app on my laptop.

Is there any way to retrieve these emails?

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    Good evening @kristin_r and Welcome to our Community Forums,

    Thank you for reaching out to us about some of your emails missing. When you are connected to your mobile network are you able to see those emails or are they also missing? I am trying to determine if this is just happening while connected to your home network. - Lyn


  • kristin_r
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    They are missing when I am mobile as well.

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    Kind of a long shot but, since we're talking about multiple iterations of the email account set up in multiple apps on multiple devices:

    1. Look at the account via the webmail portal and determine which message that's still there goes the farthest back in time and what that date and time is.
    2. Then look at each app iteration of the account on each device other than the old iPhone and confirm whether each is set up as IMAP and that the farthest back message that's still there is the same one as via the webmail portal.
    3. Then look at the account in the app on the old iPhone and determine which message is the most recent of the messages that are still there but gone everywhere else and note the date and time of it.
    4. Then determine if the account is set up on the old iPhone as POP3: Settings app; ↳ Mail app; ↳ Accounts; ↳ subject account; ↳ Account Settings: does the top category headline in relatively smallish, light gray text say IMAP or POP3?
    5. If it says POP3, was the old iPhone ever actually on the air in between the date and time of the message determined in step 1 and that of the one of step 3?

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    The same thing happened to me today. Could not go back past 7 pages and April 24th. was looking for something on April 18th. Everything gone before the 24th. Using web browser on computer.

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    Hey @jeff9657, welcome!

    Do you have any devices with a mail client like Outlook configured, or do you exclusively use our webmail portal?