Dallas internet outage

Igotnothin Posts: 1 Newcomer

Any updates when this will get fixed? My internet when out the day after the bad storm. I got a message saying it was on and then it’s off and nothing



  • RAIST515O
    RAIST515O Posts: 127 Contributor

    This went up a while ago from a more local news source... probably has a lot to do with it:

    "More than half a million people are still without power five days after severe storms struck North Texas.

    Line crews from around the country have worked around the clock to get the lights back on for most. Still, more than 30,000 in Dallas County remained without electricity as the temperatures began to climb."


  • kyleguitar22
    kyleguitar22 Posts: 1 Newcomer

    we've had no internet since Tuesday the 28th of May. Still out as of Monday June 3rd