App Errors - ILP-9000 error

we have also restarted modem a number of times. This is happening on all our devices. We do get a few channels.


  • Mo_S
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    Good morning and welcome @Cookie1,

    The errors seen on your devices are all showing related to the connection. Was both the modem and router rebooted?

  • thombobick
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    I am only able to watch the larger broadcast networks (abc, cbs, nbc, fox …) in the app. Saying it's a connection issue doesn't make sense if I can view some channels but not others.

  • William_M
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    Hi @thombobick, welcome to our community!

    Connection issues can definitely cause problems with some channels and not others. It seems like the channels are working are ones that don't require you to be at home, which is even more likely to be due to an issue with the internet connection. Please try rebooting both the modem and router and test the service using a device in the same room as the router. If the issue persists please let us know what error messages you are getting.