In-use Road Runner e-mail accounts being purged without any notice!

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Like other posters have mentioned, 2 of our IN-USE Road Runner e-mail accounts got purged for no reason by Spectrum. One disappeared this February, the other one yesterday! These were active e-mail accounts used on a daily basis. We are told that "the system" saw them as old accounts (they were both in use 15 years), did an audit on them, found them to be inactive, and just purged them! And when you try to open up files where you have saved e-mails, it will not let you re-send them to a different e-mail account because the account you are trying to send from is not active! And a popup comes on the screen asking you to log in again which blocks what you are trying to read. Screenshots quickly taken before popup comes on screen leaves you with a tiny screenshot copy of an email that's difficult to read on another account you send it to, like Gmail. I can't believe this has happened to 2 accounts in our household at different times, that the people at Spectrum say they've not heard of this happening, yet here in their discussion groups is the same issue. This has caused me months of headache already on the first account, and now we will have to deal with it on our second account. The worst is when I try to change my e-mail with a company that insists on sending a code to the Road Runner account before it will change my e-mail. Of course nothing comes through as a new e-mail on the purged account. This is beyond deplorable.

Can anyone recommend a way to physically move files of old important e-mails to a new account??