When will Cloud DVR be available for new subscribers?

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I chatted with Spectrum yesterday and the Cloud DVR (Plus) is still not available for new subscribers due to technical issues with the Cloud DVR platform since mid-April 2024. I'm waiting for the Cloud DVR service to be active before I add Spectrum TV service to my account.

When will the Cloud DVR service be restored? When it is restored, I recommend Spectrum should notify all Spectrum Internet subscribers. There are many internet-only subscribers like me who won't add Spectrum TV streaming service unless the Cloud DVR or Cloud DVR Plus is available.


  • Wldrns1
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    I agree.

  • DaddyBigSplash
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    very disappointing they aren’t signing folks up. I actually had it until recently. I decided to turn in my DVR receiver since I was happy with the service only to lose the service as a result of turning in the DVR receiver. Not sure what one had to do with the other but thank you spectrum. I have no way of recording and no way to get it back in the near term. Very frustrating and looking for other options now outside of spectrum. It will be interesting to see when they bring it back. If you have it make sure you don’t lose it making a change to your account.