Spectrum Mobile customer unable to access WIFI hotspots

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I am a Spectrum Mobile and internet customer. I used to be able access spectrum mobile WIFI access points outside of home but after my old phone died, my store-bought new phone can no longer do that.

I have tried everything suggested by Spectrum self help articles, including downloading My Spectrum APP on my new phone and using my spectrum credentials to log in. First of all my phone never can connect automatically. Spectrum Mobile hotshots still ask for my username, password, and certificate to use (as well as Domain if I choose system certificate). Needless to say none worked so far.

I chatted with Spectrum people via My Spectrum App and was routed to a couple of departments. I went into the Spectrum store regarding this problem. Didn't really receive anything helpful.

I wonder if anyone here encountered similar problems and were able to resolve their issue? While searching for possible solutions I notice that bSpectrum advertises Hotspot access as one of the main selling point for their Mobile service and am perplexed why I am having such a hard time…


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    Hi @rf2024, welcome to our community!

    Are you testing at a location listed on our hotspot map? It should just auto connect if you have WiFi enabled and are in range of a WiFi hotspot. If it's not, I'd recommend resetting your devices network settings, verifying the My Spectrum app is installed and logged in, and then contacting our Hotspot Support team directly at 1-888-851-9350​​​​​​.

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